Setting Up Your RV at an RV Campground

An RV vacation is a step up from a tent vacation. You have a soft bed, a stovetop of some kind, and a non-public shower. This might sound like the makings of a dream vacation, but there are a few less appealing details that you’ll need to think about when planning your RV campground vacation.

Where does the sewage go?
This, my friends, is a very important consideration. You don’t want to smell sewage nor do you want to see it backing up in your RV toilet. That could spoil an otherwise idyllic vacation very quickly. Most RV campgrounds provide partial hookups, which include water and electricity, but only some provide full hookups, which include sewer too.

If an RV campground doesn’t provide sewer hookups, you will need to find out where they have the dump station. Know how much your RV holding tank can hold. On the average, tanks can handle a family’s gray and black water for about three days.

What amp of electric power do they provide?
In campgrounds where they provide full or partial hookups, plan for there to be a possible difference in the amperage of electricity that your RV uses and the camps provide. Most RVs use 30-amp electricity, especially smaller RVs, such as pop-up campers and travel trailers. Because of that, it’s most common for campgrounds to provide 30-amp electric power. Larger RVs, such as motorhomes and fifth-wheels, may require 50-amp electricity.

You can adjust the electric power up or down by purchasing an amp adapter at your local home goods store. Be aware of how much amperage each appliance in your RV uses and make sure you stay within the amperage limit of your electric hookup. Going over can damage your appliances.

Is there shade?
Are you hoping for a cool retreat from your crazy life? Most vacationers are. If you find a shaded lot available at the campground, rent that one-even if it’s a bit higher priced than a non-shaded lots. Unless you’re planning to do dry camping (i.e. camping without hookups), you’ll be running your air conditioning-and your electricity or generator-a lot more. In the end, you may save just as much by paying for a cooler spot with natural cooling abilities.

Taking your vacation to an RV campground is sure to make your summer memorable. The best campsites provide full hookups and shaded lots. That means you can avoid vacation-spoiling unpleasantries, like smelling sewage, melting in a treeless location, or suffering a power meltdown. Vacations are always best when you can focus on the real reason you took a break from your normal life.

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All That You Need To Know About Camping

Camping is a recreational activity mostly in the beautiful outdoors and away from the daily busy life. It actually gives one the ability to take the pleasure of the fresh air. This activity is increasingly getting popular.

Why Compared With Sports?

This is often compared to sports because it involves one in the several sports. Most people choose campgrounds near water. Thus, one will get a lot of opportunities to take part in swimming, fishing, boating, etc. Hiking is another activity that most people like to go for. Therefore, when you are going for camping try to find a place that is near a water body so that you can enjoy unlimited fun activities there. With camping, you are going to enjoy a whole lot of advantages. Some of them are enumerated below:

A Reasonable Vacation Option

The expenses are really low. You just have to pay for the campground and some of the camping gears that you buy. It is just an affordable option to spend your holidays with your family or friends.

Health Retreat

There are not many exercises that you have to do. It actually involves certain activities that would require your physical strength like cutting the wood to make the fire, biking, swimming, and other such activities. All these things stimulate your calories burning at the same time offer you a workout routine. When you are under the sun you also get charged with vitamin D.

Get a Better Sleep Cycle

In the world of technology, sleep problems are very common in men and women. But during camping when you remain exposed to the sunlight your sleep cycle gets reset with the rise and set of the sun. Studies have also proved that people sleep a lot when their sleep cycle is synced with the sun.

Face the Real Life

To the ones that remain glued to their phones and laptops can find out that social media or being present virtually does not matter at all. Turning off the devices in the no network zones gives you the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest and spend quality time with the people around you.

Explore the World Around

As you stay unplugged from the world so there would not be any distractions for you. You are free to explore your skills, your likes and dislikes, several environments and everything that attracts your attention. You might get to know several things of which you were totally unaware of.

All these things prove why camping is gaining popularity among people. Reading this article you might have learned how camping can help one get a better life.

Purchasing a Camping Tent? Check Out This Article on “Camping Tent Amenities”

Tents come in various sizes and with a multitude of options depending on your person count ranging from a 1 person tent to a family size tent. It’s a good idea to select one that is manufactured for around 2 or more people than necessary since most tent manufacturers size their home away from home for very little excess room other than sleeping bag packed to sleeping bag. Plus, tents generally don’t have much for “other” gear, i.e. clothes, showering commodities or shoes.

There are four basic styles.

(1) An A-Frame is lightweight, freestanding, simple construction with good ventilation. These type tents usually sleep 2 or 3 people, but floor space is not fully utilized.

(2) Dome have a tent pole frame and are constructed with lightweight fabric. They are quick and easy to set up and use guy ropes and stakes to stabalize the tent. The inside area of these tents are spacious.

(3) Tunnel have fabric stretched over a series of hoops creating a tunnel. These tents are popular with hikers since they withstand high winds and inclement weather if staked properly.

(4) Frame are generally the larger family tents with some having multiple rooms for privacy provided by a divider in the tent or a vestibule just outside the sleeping area to allow extra space for storing gear or an extra sleeping area. This type is usually large and utilizes guy ropes to hold the tent during inclement weather. Because of their size, this type tends to be bulky and heavy to transport but roomy for a large group.

Consider what type of climate you’ll be using your tent which will determine the material used by the manufacturer. For example, if you’re only going to use your tent during the warm weather, you’ll want a lightweight one. If you plan on camping in all weather conditions, you should consider a one that can handle hot weather to snow and freezing temperatures. There is also a tent that is made for 3 seasons, Spring, Summer and Fall and could quite possibly stand up to light snow.

Ventilation is an important factor for your tent so you might want to be concerned with the number of mesh doors, windows and/or a mesh top for viewing the night sky along with a cover if needed due to inclement weather. And, speaking of inclement weather, some tents come with a fly around doors and/or windows to protect the inside from getting wet. Also, for inclement weather, you should take into consideration whether or not the tent has a tub structure on the flooring which is a flooring that continues up the sides of the tent 6″ to 8″ and reinforced or water-proofed floor seams that will help keep the inside of the tent dry if it should rain.

So, take my word, if you’re interested in purchasing a tent, do your research to see what amenities you’re interested in so you don’t waste your money or have an unpleasant outdoor experience.